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Fake News and Fading Views: The Archive and the 1906 Atlanta Race Massacre
Sites of Reckoning Symposium - ​​​​​​​Georgia State University (2020)
Visualizing Value Through Wake Work:
In the Wake: On Blackness and Being and The National Memorial for Peace and Justice
Race & Capital - Georgia State University (2020)

Doing What Blackness Do:
Comedy Central's South Side and Black Produced Television
TV Analysis - Georgia State University (2019)
Deconstructing and Decolonizing Suture
Advanced Film Theory - Georgia State University (2019)

The Five Heartbeats and the "Unwanted" Scenes:
Blackness and Emotion, Music and Mise-en-scene
Style & Narrative - Georgia State University (2019)
not looting  (2017)
631  (2008)
Fighting for Legacy Trailer
The Great Incarcerator, part 2: The Shadow of Lucasville Trailer (2013)
The Great Incarcerator, part 1: Dark Little Secret Trailer (2011)
D Jayy's Legacy Trailer 2 (2018)
D Jayy's Legacy Trailer 1 (2018)
Black Women's Yoga History: Memoirs of Inner Peace - Book Contents
SUNY Press - March 2021
Dr. Stephanie Y. Evans (2020)

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